About - Photography To The Max
Santorini Sunset

Max Goldfield resides in a metropolitan city and is a senior in high school.

Max's personal photographic perspective has been informed through extensive travels in varying cultures and geographies.

"I am often moved by things I see  that I believe are most missed in daily pursuits. I question whether our disregard of our external world is intentional or subconscious, or  if it is just just that we move too quickly in a world demanding so much in so little time. I enjoy the beauty found in quiet and loud moments and spaces, in the color and shape of discarded debris, and the command of the ever powerful force of nature. To me color is more than just a visual appearance, it evokes emotion, memory and thoughts all which can change your point of view in a way you did not know possible. I aim to use photography as a medium to combine all the visual arts and use them to make the viewer think differently then before."

Weeds in the wall

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